“With our investments we are striving to achieve a positive effect on society, economy, and the environment.”

Our passion for all things technical was the basis for the foundation of a technology enterprise. Our pioneering role in the field of additive manufacturing allowed us to actively shape the market. Now we apply this wealth of experience from our entrepreneurial commitment in a targeted way. That is why the main focus of our investments is on establishing young enterprises as well as sustainable, successful business models.

True to the motto “From entrepreneur to entrepreneur,” along with our capital and partner network we also offer expertise and experience. Trust, respect, and partnership: These are the core values we wish to use to create added value for other companies.



Milestones –
Our success story since 1997

20 years of success that saw us grow, develop,
set trends, and deliver outstanding operation on the market.

Entrepreneurial expertise

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To us, it was just the beginning –
“Let’s do it again – together!”

Today, we invest in young technology companies with groundbreaking products or services that have the potential to profoundly change applications or production processes. In this context, our focus is not only on the financial parameters, but also on creating space for technical and entrepreneurial visions.

In the area of additive manufacturing, we also offer founders an option of using the resources of our R&D center (NADDCON GmbH). We support early-stage companies in the growth phase with our venture capital fund (HZG Additive Manufacturing Tech Fund). Along with capital, experience, and networks, we also share our passion for technology.

“Let’s put it to work – together!”